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30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 14 - Favorite romantic relationship

Cleon and Kel! Even though it didn’t last long, and it shouldn’t, it’s my all time favorite couple! SO CUTE! squeeeee!! I don’t know why I like this pairing so much, but I just find it extremely cute! 

Raoul ad Buri comes close, but I would like to be single, just because he’s a dear character to me and I have a little read’s crush on him ^^

Jul 5th, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 13 - The part that made you want to throw the book at the wall

o.O I don’t throw books. I was raised well :P Also, I worked at a library, I would never ever ever (ever ever ever ever ever!) throw a book! Not even want to do it! I wouldn’t even dare thinking about it. I swear, my boss could read minds, and she would know if I thought about damaging a book! 

I will interpret the question as “what part made you very frustrated?” and the answer is when Jonathan asks Alanna to marry him. I just *hate* that he’s using her like that! He’s fed up with being a prince and all, but he’s messing with her head! You can’t just do that! And for me as a reader, it was obvious that he was just using her! On the other hand, it lead Alanna straight into the arms of George, and I can’t complain about that. Honestly, the first time I read the books, I had expected them to end up together. I don’t know why I didn’t see that coming, but I really think they’re perfect for each other.

But damn you Jonathan for being a douche to Alanna!

Jul 4th, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 12 - favourite passage

O.O Can’t choose. Oh cruel world, why do I have to choose? 

Every book has its amazing passages, I can’t pick one I prefer over all the others. I love them all! On the other hand, I love when Cleon kisses Kel <3 (me = fan-girl :D) And I love when Daine’s in Carthak. And I love when Alanna fight the Ysandirs in the Black City. I also quite enjoy reading the beginning of The Tricksters Choice, I really connect with Aly :)

Jul 3rd, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 11 - Magic - For the Circle fans: What kind of ambient magic would you have? For the Tortall fans: What color would your Gift be? (Answer both if you want.)

GIFT!  YAY! I think mine would be blue. In the first books the color seems connected to eye color, and in that case my gift would be aqua-blue/sky-blue color. Or just blue in general. 

I find it would reflect my personality quite well. A dreamer, calm and in general always happy :)

Jul 2nd, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 10 - Least Favourite Book

I DON’T WANT LEAST FAVORITES! I love all the books! Almost. I don’t want to pick a least favorite :(

This time I won’t cheat and pick a book I haven’t really read, so I’m choosing The Woman Who Rides Like a Man. I don’t like this book because I find it long compared to it’s size. It’s weird, it’s a short book, but not much seems to happen. Well, a lot of things happen, but I just find it boring, definitely important, but I usually skip this book when I read the series… 

Jul 1st, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 9 - Favourite Book

Hard one, but I have to go with Squire from The Protector of the Small. As I wrote in Favorite series (day 6) I love this book, I have wonderful memories :) And I love Kel/Cleon, they’re so cute! awww ~sooooo cute~ :D gosh. I have to read that book again. 

I will just rant about memories of this book. I remember picking it up from the library for the 10th time and seeing the little folds I’d made in the pages by my favorite passages the previous times I’d read it. I think it’s the book I’ve read the most times. 

Wow, long rant, eh?

Jun 30th, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 8 - Favourite God or Goddes

The Trickster. SO COOL. In my head, he’s kinda hot too, which helps (; I just like the way he helps Aly, but still get’s her in trouble. And he doesn’t seem so “holy” and uptight as you might expect a god to act.

Jun 29th, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 7 - Least Favourite Series

Anything Emelan. I couldn’t even finish The circle of Magic, and I don’t remember storyline nor characters. Sorry :/ I don’t know why, but those books weren’t my thing. Maybe I was just too obsessed with the Tortall-univers to appreciate anything else, but I have to say the few books I actually read from Emelan are my least favorites.

Picking Emelan is an easy way for me to not have to pick a Tortall-book I like the least. I feel like I’m cheating because I don’t remember the books, and haven’t even read them all, but I really don’t want to have a least favorite ;)

Jun 27th, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 6 - Favourite Series

Protector of the small! Kel has been the idol of my childhood. She’s such an inspiring character, and I can’t help by connect and identify so much with her! Honestly, I’ve read those books so many times, it’s ridiculous! I just love how she’s calm and strong, she stands up for herself, but at the same time she’s over-thinking and has flaws. That is one thing I really like about Tamora Peirce’s work; her characters have flaws and they seem real! 

The books about Kel are also longer, which I enjoy a lot ;) One of my clearest memories from Tamora Pierce’s work is laying on the couch, reading Squire while giggling and rolling around because I find Kel/Cleon to be the cutest couple in the world ^^ And then came the embarrassing moment when I had to explain to my mum and aunt why I was laughing and *squiiiiii*-ing because of a book, but that doesn’t matter. I don’t think they appreciate books like I do (:

I love Kel :)

Jun 26th, 2011

30 days of Tamora Pierce: Day 5 - Least Favourite Character

I dislike Coram. I don’t know why, I just don’t like him. That’s it.

Jun 25th, 2011